Your contact for questions regarding our software products:

Export Department E-Mail: export@deprag.de
Service Department E-Mail: service@deprag.de

Of course, you will find further contact details on our website at www.deprag.com.

We strongly recommend that you update your software on a regular basis with the latest security patches, updates and drivers. This will ensure that your device is up-to-date and you will profit from all advantages of industry 4.0.
- Updated operating manual
- New language Swedish 
- Extension to the network settings (DNS)
- General performance optimisations in combination with the digital operator guidance Extended Process Control
- Performance optimisations when restoring backups
- Integration of EDS files (fieldbus mode)
- Connection to the DEPRAG Cockpit
- New Industry 4.0 interfaces: MQTT, Webhook
- Component sensor can be deactivated in the sequence 
- Repair program can be selected for a position 
- Improvements to toolbox monitoring
- API BREAKING Change: GET /sequences/get no longer supplies all images on the first request. The images can be downloaded asynchronously via the URL contained in the structure.
- First Version